• ChertNap’s Law

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    One of the most infuriating ironies of the TSA — among a host of them — is ChertNap’s Law: each time screeners fail, the TSA punishes passengers. Here’s the latest application of said law, courtesy of John “Pervert” Pistole:

    “’We’ve had a series of reports actually going back several years from the inspector general, from the General Accounting Office, and our own TSA Office of Inspection, where they do … covert testing,’ Pistole acknowledged  … last month during an interview on Good Morning America. ‘And unfortunately, [undercover testers] have been very successful over the years…’”

    This “helped convince him that airport screening needed to get that much tougher — and a desire to do better [sic] helped give rise to the controversial new regimen that includes enhanced pat-downs and back-scatter machines that can see beneath a traveler’s clothing.”


    6:47 am on December 17, 2010