Challenging “Consensus Reality”

After swamped by a variety of readers wanting more books on subjects related to my recent LRC blogs, here are an assortment of Amazon book/DVD lists. From shadowy depths comes this select collection, both fiction and non-fiction, of arcane works which challenge ‘consensus reality,’ thus prompting unguarded readers and viewers to reassess their fragile mortality and base Establishment lies: Sinister Forces;  Dystopian Tales From The Dark Side;  Utopian Nightmares and Gnostic Political Religions;  Apocalyptic Conspiracy Theories & Millennial Belief Systems;  Decadence Esotericism: Ideas Have Consequences; Equality – The Evil Lie;  Coup d’etat and Assassination: Business as Usual in America;  Power Brokers, Fixers, and Elite Insiders;  Anarchteacher’s Cult Classic Favorites;  Smash The State And Have A Nice Day! and Timeless Movies of the Imagination.


3:48 pm on July 10, 2020