Ceviche Sting: Keeping Us Safe

Clearly, Bush was right: the rest of the world hates us for our freedoms. Who wouldn’t envy this kind of freedom?

“Ruelas was especially proud of her ceviche, a Latin American dish of citrus-marinated raw fish or other seafood served cold.

So when she had leftovers in December, the 37-year-old single unemployed mother of six posted a photo of it on Facebook and offered group members a plate; her price was $12 for 32 ounces.

One man took her up on the offer and drove to Ruelas’ Stockton home, paid her cash and left with his meal.

But that man turned out to be an undercover investigator, and soon Ruelas got a letter in July from the San Joaquin County district attorney’s office.

The ceviche purchase was part of a sting and the letter informed Ruelas that she was one of several people who were charged with misdemeanors for operating a food facility and a business without a license.”

The government is now piling on the charges because Ruelas refused to sign the government’s draconian plea agreement.


7:00 am on November 18, 2017