Cerebral Castration of Males

Lew – your post about gender genocide in the schools is timely in that Time has just published an article and video from the heroic Christina Hoff Sommers, who writes that “our schools are becoming hostile environments for young boys.”

Here she refers to the fact that being a normal 7-year-old boy has become a punishable offense in the government-authority school complex, and young men are being lost in this knowledge-based economy. To paraphrase Sommers, schools are hostile for boys as they have become risk averse, feeling centered, competition free, and sedentary. Therefore, the needs of boys are not being fulfilled. If things continue the way they are, says Sommers, American colleges will be like retirement villages, with lots of women and a scant population of men.

Across the country, schools are policing and punishing the distinctive, assertive sociability of boys. Many much-loved games have vanished from school playgrounds. At some schools, tug of war has been replaced with “tug of peace.” Since the 1990s, elimination games like dodgeball, red rover and tag have been under a cloud — too damaging to self-esteem and too violent, say certain experts. Young boys, with few exceptions, love action narratives. These usually involve heroes, bad guys, rescues and shoot-ups. As boys’ play proceeds, plots become more elaborate and the boys more transfixed. When researchers ask boys why they do it, the standard reply is, “Because it’s fun.”

Sommers describes the plight of boys as being erroneously characterized as a backlash against girls, whereas it is actually a women’s issue: “If boys are in trouble, so are we all.” 

I understand that Christina’s thesis is likely focused on boys caught up in the government school racket, by design, but I’d add that the criminalization of males extends far beyond school and is prevalent within the broader society. And this is not only because government schools churn out most of citizenry following marching orders, but it also because the majority of parents go along with these stifling policies and rules that are embraced by the greater collective society. In fact, parents accept and escalate the anti-male orientation while endorsing a cerebral castration of their own young men.

This brings up the question of what can we possibly pass on to our daughters and granddaughters if we dumb down, soften, feminize, metrosexualize, and collectively mold our population of young men that is to marry these women and carry forth with productive families?



8:36 pm on August 21, 2013