CDC Libertarians Still Love Face Masks

In reading articles on face masks by CDC libertarians I can’t help but conclude that they like/liked (depending on the state and locality) mandatory face mask decrees, although they would never say so publicly. Most recently, a prominent CDC libertarian says that Fauci didn’t lie about the value of face masks, he was just misleading in explaining his shift from masks are unnecessary to masks are critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19. He then quotes from a bunch of studies to defend the idea that masks are beneficial. Does he still wear a mask? He doesn’t say. He concludes that the evidence is stronger now that masks help reduce coronavirus transmission. His source for this? The evil and lying CDC. Not a word from any mask study that is contrary. He is adamant that he is not one of those people who thought “face diapers” were a silly exercise in virtue signaling and social control. Too bad. And too bad he doesn’t recognize that the danger of the coronavirus is the greatest government scam in history. Why are some libertarians so trusting of the government?

A comment I received from a libertarian: “I wear a mask at times to make others feel safer, not because I think doing so does much real good.” I am speechless. Isn’t this like wearing a dunce cap so people will feel smarter? Here is what I do. I don’t ever wear a mask (and never did) to make others feel safer. When they see me without a mask, they should feel that it is safe to breathe fresh air.


4:50 pm on June 7, 2021