Canadian Cri de Coeur

Wayne reports from Up North,

Took my Outback in for some repairs today. There is no question we are now living in a lunatic asylum. I was surrounded by people with double masks and others with an N95 mask that made them look like some prehistoric pig-like creature from the age of dinosaurs. They avoided me because I refused to wear a facial diaper in contravention of the local decrees but no one said anything.

Ahem. An excellent example for those still trying to gain the approval of their fellow inmates by aping their mental illness.

I have no fear of the so-called virus, assuming it even exists, but I fear all the lunatics around me


and the corrupt and evil governments and medical establishment waging a war of tyranny against We The People.

Double amen!

How did we ever get to this state where everything seems upside down? War is peace, tyranny is freedom, lies are truth, mass murder is health care, bioweapons are vaccines, etc. I now fear going to a hospital to treat any disease and trust in doctors is now almost gone. Despite the billions and trillions of dollars pumped into “health care,” we are now mostly on our own when it comes to medical treatment.

Which is a blessing, given the drugs the medical charlatans ceaselessly push. But what to do in an emergency: a car crash, a bad fall, or a stroke?


8:37 am on January 11, 2022

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