Can You Identify the Fascist?

For grins and giggles, give a quick glance through the Obama and Romney camp’s responses to the agricultural survey of the Farm Bureau.  Romney, as the face of “change,” supports and will maintain ethanol standards and mandates, believes government oversight is “of course” crucial the protection of the environment, wants an autarkic food economy through the enforcement of an international “level playing field,” etc, etc. With empty promises to reduce taxation (while maintaining the federal take exactly as it is today), to shrink government, and to improve national management of guest workers, Romney says he will be a new advocate for farmers and ranchers, and he “admires [us] for the critical role [we] play in the health of our economy, employing millions of Americans.” Obama, on the other hand and presumably using both hands, “is building a rural economy made to last.” Whatever would we do without such great men to be willing to serve as our duce!


7:36 am on October 22, 2012

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