Call Out the Militia

Why didn’t local and state authorities call out militia? Simple, there is no militia to call out. We absolutely need militia if this country is to survive the Democratic-totalitarian-socialist-communist onslaught.

We face a challenge to our country in mass destruction in cities by antifa and similar groups. Meanwhile, Democrats want us civilians disarmed. These two things, antifa and our personal disarmament, are related.

Just think. If we have no guns, we eliminate a whole series of means to fight groups like antifa. Militia are impossible without guns and ammunition owned and housed by each of us. Subversive groups like antifa are the tools of the totalitarians in our midst who want to institute unabashed socialist and communist governments among us. Being against guns abets antifa, because civilian help for policing and protecting lives and property is essential, even though this fact is largely unrecognized and unacknowledged. The truth of this is known by any student of guerilla wars. One must enlist the support of the population to defeat the guerillas. Armed forces alone can’t do it without resorting to utterly inhumane and criminal actions.

In our case, which is domestic guerilla conflict, the police can’t do it alone, and our military is not designed or trained to cope with domestic insurrection. We do not want to see a widespread military-style police state come into being, but that can happen with internal checkpoints, papers, surveillance, and the end of due process of law. We are nearing that kind of state if state and local authorities fail to restore law and order. That is why guns held privately are essential, and when Democrats try to eviscerate the Second Amendment, it furthers the strength of anti-social elements like antifa, and that furthers their aim and that of Democrats to take over government and transform it into a one-sided totalitarian socialist-communist “paradise”, meaning “hell”.

The official police and other government armed forces can be outnumbered, out-maneuvered, and out-foxed. They can be badly-armed and trained. They can be heavy-handed and lose the sympathy of the public whom they are trying to protect. They can be poorly-motivated. They can lose a guerilla war in which they absolutely need the help of civilians or the public. They need the militia, and local authorities need to be able to call out the militia. Americans have destroyed this essential protector of our system, and we need to restore it.

It does not take much effort to see all of this already starting to appear. Police need us. They need civilian help. They need armed and mobile help. That help needs to be trained in using force properly.

If we had been properly prepared, the localities could have called out the militia to keep order or restore it. They’d supplement the police, or vice versa.

There are certainly other forces that can and should come into play to defeat domestic people or foreign-controlled agents engaged in widespread criminal activities: Civilian militia, posses, deputies, adjunct forces, irregulars, paramilitary, auxiliaries, and privateers.

There are 3 general ways to form and deploy the domestic pro-law and order forces. The government can do it by itself, the civilians can do it on their own, or they can cooperate both to do it. Hiring foreign forces is another option. Cooperation means creating militia at the state level.

There are always ways to subvert proper means and change them into their opposite. Suppose that the government forms a “national militia”, a million-man army, and then uses it against the general population. This is a danger as it subverts law and order and suppresses liberty. Civil war will result. There should not be a national militia or domestic force. There should not be a standing army that can be turned against civilians. Militias should be local and state, and they should be in cooperation with local and state governments.

If the idea of creating militia ever took hold, I’d expect Democrats and other forces favoring national government to subvert it by advocating a national militia, which is actually a threat to our liberty.

We face a number of problems in preserving our country against forces seeking to change our government into a totalitarian democracy. These forces are mainly housed in the Democratic party but Republicans are not immune. One severe problem is the anti-gun lobby, which has a home in the Democratic party. Fortunately people rush to buy guns in a situation like the current one, and this is a sound instinct, supportive of maintaining our country against the totalitarians in the Democratic party who want to disarm us. Unfortunately, the totalitarian socialists and communists, the leftists, are currently entrenched in the legacy media, the social media, in universities and in Hollywood.

In the event of revolution, civilian forces like those mentioned above might play essential parts against the government. That is not the situation we face with something like stopping antifa. Revolution is an infrequent event in our land, and that’s not on our plate at this time. It’s a worry, a substantial worry, but it’s unlikely. Severe civil conflict and disruptions are more likely.

If armed people or armed groups become private police (deputies, posses, irregulars, para-police, etc.) recognized and accepted by the state, then they can be trained and deployed to protect people and businesses. There can be Civilian Protective Forces or Militia, properly formed and understood. In a riot, authorities would be able to call out the militia. Calling out the militia means that they’d already be armed, with arms and ammunition kept in ready reach. They’d be local so that they’d be immediately available.

We lack militia at this time. Neither the armed civilians nor the government police have reached out to each other to cooperate one with another and devise plans. There have been no strong reasons they saw to do this. Now there are such reasons.

Judges and courts are unlikely to allow much latitude because a bunch of people have formed a neighborhood militia. At present a neighborhood watch they’ll abide in cooperation with local police. What should happen is to coordinate with police and local authorities, or try hard to. Secrecy is not going to gain private forces any favor. I may be dreaming, because the local officials may be ignorant and obstinate and ideologues and anti-gun, etc., They may be jealous to retain their position of monopolists of legal violence. Nonetheless, civilians still should first extend an open hand, make invitations to work together, and educate everyone as to when and why civilian forces can be profitably deployed.

Another path, if authorities are unresponsive, is for the people in these contingents to form a political bloc, publish their agenda, and seek office, or seek to meet with existing office-holders and advance this agenda. A lot can be done if we assume everyone is a man of goodwill and reason. It’s not really a good idea to appear armed and ready to shoot at a riot all of a sudden. You are likely to become targets of government force.

This suggestion, cooperation between civilians and local police authorities to form and train adjunct civilian forces, is feasible. It has the obstacle that the private militia movement in our country has had serious and fatal run-ins with government forces. This movement has been anti-government in its defense of rights and liberties.

Private militia or mutual aid groups should not unilaterally intervene as a matter of course in riot situations without first cooperating with authorities. However, in particular conditions where self-defense is essential and no government forces are available, they may intervene and they may have to intervene.

There exists substantial conflict between existing private armed militias and authorities. These conflicts can’t be allowed to poison the waters. The notion of civilian adjunct forces has to supplant this history. We need a fresh start at fleshing out a militia that attracts 50 times the numbers in current private militias. (The National Guard, being a U.S. army reserve is not militia.)

There are two sides to consider here, which are plain old unorganized civilians who may wish to have a hand in stopping violent groups, and the government forces, which may well need civilian help. The two sides need to come together, but the government side has been suspicious of and hostile to private forces and militias for decades, and the civilian side is afraid of them. The idea of actually becoming a para-police group is one they’ve abandoned in favor of leaving protection to police.

The gulf separating the two sides can be bridged. The incentive to protect lives and property works in favor of cooperation of civilians and police. The main obstacle is embedded beliefs and attitudes held by the two sides, civilians and police.

Our watchword should be “Call out the militia”.

Militia in the U.S. is actually tangled legally. See here.


11:58 am on June 4, 2020