Buffoonish CDC Head Supports Creepy Joe Biden and Trashes the President . . .

. . . at a congressional hearing today.  CDC top dawg Robert Redfield claimed that those cheap blue masks are better than any vaccine would be in “fighting COVID.”  Trump is touting a vaccine and therapeutics; Biden promises a national mask mandate.  Therefore, masks and Biden good, medicine and Trump bad.  Don’t just wear a mask until there’s a vaccine; wear it forever is what this bloviating bureaucrat is proposing.  That’s the “scientific” advice from the government bureaucracy’s “top pubic health expert.”

“Public health” is a joke and a fraud on society.  The entire field of epidemiology is filled with poorly-educated political hacks who spend their lives torturing statistics until they confess — always in support of more statism, more controls, less freedom, more taxes, and often worse health.  They provide example after example after example of the mis-use of statistical analysis, arguing in endless studies that correlation is the same as causation, something that every introductory statistics student is taught is false.  They are the reason there is such a phrase as “junk science.”  There are entire Web sites devoted to debunking their dishonesty in service of statism.  Is it any wonder that crazed nanny Michel Bloomberg has donated billions to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and others?  Even the name “Centers for Disease Control” is a joke in light of its complete ineffectiveness in controlling the current virus.


5:01 pm on September 16, 2020