Breakthrough on the Lies

Breakthrough cases” –> I guess they weren’t vaccinated hard enough?

The CDC called off the dogs on “testing” gene-therapied people so that the fraud of the testing would not be revealed, but that isn’t stopping people from being tested. Amazingly, after 16 months of non-stop facts and figures on PCR (polymerase chain reaction), some really stupid people *still* think PCR can be used for “testing” for a virus and viral load, _in spite_ of the inventor of the test (Kary Mullis) stating, unequivocally, that PCR could not ever do any such task.

So when people ‘test positive’ there has to be another (new) story to explain that phenomenon. So they rename these positive tests as “breakthrough cases” — yet another made-up term to further confound the reality of this house of cards.


7:24 am on June 22, 2021