Brave Belizeans

The serfs of Belize thrillingly defy their rulers over COVIDCon:

Persons opposed to the vaccine mandate have already begun acts of protest. Members of the Mennonite community who are members of the BJRM [ Belize Rights and Justice Movement] have been refusing to pay traffic tickets; while other members are picketing. … The BRJM members will boycott all businesses that require persons entering their premises to present a vaccination card upon entry. The organization said that they have posted a list of companies required to comply with the vaccine mandate on their Facebook page and will be constantly updating that list. …

The group has been trying to get their claims heard in court but are yet to receive a hearing date for their cause. …

[Zenaida] Moya[, a prominent BRJM member,] further ventured to state that members of the movement would be withholding their taxes. “If we cannot access public buildings, we cannot access public services … then there is no reason for us to pay taxes,” she said.

Whooo-hooo! Hitting ‘em where it most hurts! What a sad commentary on Americans, that no one has proposed such effective heroism here.

A gentleman whose wife lives in Belize alerted me to this inspiring story; he added that Mrs. Anonymous fears

… the people seem to have had enough, that violence is in the offing!!!

That’s especially courageous when considering Belize’s brutal dictators. Our correspondent continued,

I know that [Belize] is a small country that many Americans think of as a vacation spot, but like many countries it has a horribly tyrannical government (is that a redundancy?).

Yep, on the order of “corrupt bureaucrat.”

The government has enacted passport legislation that requires vaccinations as of October 1 to enter public buildings, for school children and to attend church.

…in many ways, [Belize] is one of the most brutally repressive regimes in Central America.  The police will arrest you, beat you and jail you for even contradicting the narrative!

Ah, but yesterday, the despots upped their war on Christianity:

My wife advises me that the Belize government announced … that for the next three weeks (until the vaccine mandate takes effect) they would institute a hard lockdown across the country on Sundays only.

Just as the COVID allegedly attacks diners only when they are standing or walking through restaurants here in the US, so it apparently stalks Belize on the Lord’s Day.

No one will be allowed to leave their houses from 10:00 pm Saturday until 5:00 am on Monday.  No churches or businesses are allowed to open.   This cynical tyranny is expressly designed to prevent the people, most of whom must work 6 days per week just to feed their families, from gathering to plan and orchestrate any protests or demonstrations.

She is almost certain that violence is coming!!!

Please pray for “the little jewel,” as Belize is known.


10:19 am on September 17, 2021