• Bowling For War

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    College football bowl games are increasingly sponsored by the war-industry.  The Military Bowl and the Armed Forces Bowl being two of the more recent entrants in the celebration of warfare.  Perhaps we shall be entertained next year by the Waterboarding Bowl (perhaps to be held in Hawaii or Southern California, with surfers providing background).  The Drone Bowl might also emerge, with constant fly-overs during the game (or is that already being done at all bowl games?).  Those interested in promoting capital punishment might find the Lethal Injection Bowl or perhaps the Guillotine Bowl (with half-time executions) more to their liking.

    Perhaps the American civilization will go out just as the Roman Empire (Western branch) did.  You recall the earlier setting: a stadium full of war-worshippers cheering as the Lions took on the underdog Christians!


    5:01 pm on December 27, 2012