Blue Marlin Good, White Marlin Bad

My nominee for the most asinine act of political correctness, “wokeness,” virtue signaling, and anti-white race hatred for 2020 goes to the women’s slut-gossip rag, Cosmopolitan magazine.  It appears that “Cosmo” sent a photographer to photograph one of the female contestants in “The Bachelor” TV show and promised to put her (and him) on the cover.  The ragmag reneged, however, after discovering that the contestant, Victoria Fuller, once modeled some clothing for an environmental organization that is concerned about the endangerment of white and blue marlins in the world’s oceans.  Victoria’s “sin” was to have her picture taken with both “Blue Lives Matter” and “White Lives Matter” t-shirts, referring of course to the fish.

She has now been officially “cancelled” by the communist cancel culture in America and has even groveled with an apology.  I suppose she would be back in their good graces if she would only start wearing a “White Lives Don’t Matter” t-shirt.



12:25 pm on February 17, 2020