Blood and Gore

I was out of town the weekend the Nobel Peace Prize committee announced its annual pre-Halloween trick-or-treat to the world. Thus, I was left to wonder upon what basis Al Gore won the prize. I suspect it was for his present war against the human race (aka “anti-global warming”). Then again, it might have been given as a lifetime achievement award for such contributions as (a) inventing the Internet, (b) helping his wife reveal Satan’s insidious efforts to sneak his messages into rock lyrics, or (c) being a major participant in the Clinton administration’s war-making activities.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been one of the longer-running jokes in our world, what with such fomentors of statist bloodshed as Theodore Roosevelt, Gen. George C. Marshall, Le Duc Tho, Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Yassir Arafat, and the United Nations being awarded the prize. Tom Lehrer reportedly said that he gave up performing his satirical comedy the year Henry Kissinger won this prize! It was to be expected that Gore’s continuing efforts on behalf of state-generated conflicts would not go unnoticed.

I suspect that, if George W. Bush were to end his unprovoked slaughter of more than a million people in Afghantistan and Iraq, he, too, might be honored with this award!

It all reminds me of Mark Twain’s line that “God invented Man because he was disappointed in the monkey!”


10:42 am on October 16, 2007