Blind Masking

I’m indulging in a shameless bit of broad-brush painting here: hunters, fishers, and those who populate the Great Outdoors in general are he-men. They eat commies for breakfast, laugh at weather that sends lesser folks scurrying inside, and subsist on really gross food as they track Moby Dick through the woods. Or water. Whatever.

I don’t see any of these dudes cowering in fear of COVIDCon. Indeed, I imagine them on the front lines, fighting the Marxists in the upcoming Revolution. 

So an ad for masks that John forwarded from Bass Pro Shops seems not only tone-deaf but vastly amusing. “Stay Covered for All Your Adventures. Hunting. Fishing. Shop Now,” it urges as it pushes diapers in camouflage, I kid you not. 

I suspect and hope such fear-mongering fails big-time. Meanwhile, the Marxist media last fall laid the groundwork for this newest anxiety: “Deer in several states have tested positive for COVID-19, according to multiple studies,” it warned. The article grudgingly added, “there is no evidence that humans can become infected by deer,” but as facts seldom bother the COVIDiots, don’t expect that to soothe them.


9:15 am on January 18, 2022