“Black Lives Matter” Becomes “Black Lives DON’T Matter . . .

. . . when it come to the thousands of black-on-black murders that occur in American cities every year, primarily because of the “war on drugs.” For example, there have been 336 homicides in the city of Baltimore so far this year.  Out of the latest 100 homicides, 89 were black, several others were labeled “Hispanic,” and the rest white.  It’s a sure bet that most if not all of the black murder victims were victims of black-on-black crime since the media typically explode with reports of HATE CRIME!! whenever there is a white-on-black homicide, and we certainly would have heard all about it.

Reporting the epidemic of black-on-black/war-on-drugs-related homicides is downplayed or ignored by the “mainstream media” because it does not stoke the flames of racial hatred or support the cultural Marxist mantra about “white oppressors” and “white privilege.”  The Black Lives Matter agitators are supreme hypocrites for ignoring this scourge.


1:36 pm on December 21, 2015