Birth of a Lie

Reading Pat Buchanan’s column today I was reminded of how the lying media scum (LMS) excoriated him as a delusional lunatic when in 1992 he gave a speech at the Republican national convention in which he said we were in a culture war.

Culture war?  What culture war?  You’re nuts!  So said the Leftist propaganda mill. This is a lesson of how the Left operates: Commence an outrageous Trojan Horse effort to destroy America and adopt totalitarianism, and then deny, deny, and deny until it’s too late for the other side.  Denounce your doubters as “deniers” (placing them rhetorically in the same category as Holocaust deniers) and conspiracy theory nuts.

For many years I taught a class called “Capitalism and its Critics” that included a section on environmentalism.  I pointed out that from the very first day of the modern “environmentalist” movement the argument was being made that capitalism was destroying the world and we need socialism to save it (and us).  In the 70s and 80s a new ice age was supposedly coming, and we needed socialist central planning to save us.  Then they switched on a dime in the 90s and said global warming was coming and we need socialist central planning to save us.  Then they switched again and said “climate change” demanded that we dump capitalism and adopt socialist central planning.  Most students didn’t buy my logic, being thoroughly brainwashed beginning in pre-school.  Until, that is, the watermelons among us (green on the outside, red on the inside) finally came out of the closet a couple of years ago, opening the trap door to their Trojan Horse with their “Green New Deal” in which they finally went public with their totalitarian pipe dream.  Similar to how Only Black Lives Matter publicly states that its goal is to destroy the traditional nuclear family, among other Marxist fantasies.  Culture war?  What culture war?


7:49 am on July 4, 2020