The Big Salute

The mainstream media is having so much fun showing videos of an alleged white supremacy group with a speaker shouting “hail Trump,” and a few group members thrusting their right arms into the air just as the Nazis did in Germany a few decades back.

There was a time in my life when a group of us – perhaps thirty in number – would start off each morning with the same ritual. It was at Prescott School (a government school) in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the year was 1941. We would stand at attention, salute the flag, and recite the “pledge of allegiance.” While doing so, we would thrust our right arms upward in the same kind of salute that I assume children in Germany were doing at the same time.

When the United States entered the war at the end of that year, school officials apparently thought that this Nazi salute was bad public relations, and we were instructed to modify our morning salute, but with the same logic intact. The conditioning of children continues to provide the political system with men and women eager to fulfill the destructive, anti-life implications of flags, pledges of allegiance, and salutes. Perhaps the mainstream media could focus attention on such institutionalized insanity. Perhaps the Southern Poverty Law Center could devote its resources to revealing such evil practices.


2:39 pm on November 22, 2016