Big Red Wave = Big Dud

Reminds me of the Romney blowout of Obama that Fox “News” and the rest of the con media and its pundits projected in 2012, interestingly about 10 years ago to this day. The GOP, except for some rare bright spots, is garbage, always has been.  Zeldin was going to beat Hochul and Bolduc (he was a general, get down on your knees now, prole, and bow down to him!) was going to beat Hassan were two of the most delusional predictions.

[Update: forgot Smiley was going to beat Murray.  Insane.  I think that was Laura Ingraham.  Tucker Carlson: Masters would handily beat Kelly in Arizona.]

How in the world could you get such a gift of almost double-digit inflation, a tanked stock market, higher gas prices, a surge in crime, a drooling and rambling memory-care patient as a president and not truly clean up across the board?  It’s a grim portent for the future of the country.  DeSantis and Rubio routed their opponents in Florida, but what do you bet the 2024 nominee will be Dufus Drumpf with Ivanka and Jared in tow again?  And he’ll lose.  It’s hard to believe the egomaniac resisted announcing his 2024 plans Monday night to try to steal attention away from Tuesday’s elections, but someone talked him into waiting until November 15.  Wow, can’t wait for that.

Vance defeated Ryan by a good margin, but that was a lot of money spent to hold on to a Republican seat. The Stupid Party indeed. Time to shove it and its house media into the ash bin of history and continue building and promoting competent liberty alternatives.


1:58 am on November 9, 2022