Big Name Media Support Coup #2

Coup #2 is the renewed attempt by Democrats to impeach Trump. The goals are political: Impair Republican victories in 2020, prevent the emergence of a revitalized Republican party adhering to Trump’s ideas, impair the Trump agenda, continue the Democratic agenda, reduce the power of this particular president, negate the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, deflect attention from the failure of coup #1, continue to act as if coup #1 found obstruction of justice, and parry Barr’s investigations of Democratic crimes.

The reasons for coup #2 are numerous and they all are strictly political. They all have to do with power, who will wield it and how they’ll use it. Democratic rationales for impeachment and coup #2 that invoke high-sounding reasons are ploys. Democrats are cunning in their attacks.

In coup #2, the big name media are repeating their alignment with Democrats that was so evident in coup #1.

Headlines in Google News and Google News itself, which gives a prominent position to the headlines coming from the big name media, show this. These media include The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC.

A typically biased headline in The New York Times reads “Trump, Angered by ‘Phony’ Inquiries, Blows Up Meeting with Pelosi and Schumer”. Actually, Pelosi sabotaged the meeting by accusing Trump of a cover-up just prior to the meeting. The headline blames Trump and blames him for acting emotionally.

The Washington Post played impeachment and coup #2 cheerleader with this: “Why Democrats — and pundits — shouldn’t assume impeachment will backfire”.

The NBC spectrum (peacock) symbol followed by the word NEWS has a headline reading “Trump’s House investigation tantrum proves Pelosi and Democrats are gaining momentum”. This headline in one fell swoop treats Trump as a child ruled by emotion while cheerleading impeachment and coup #2.


7:38 am on May 23, 2019