Biden Indicts His Own Party

Unity has been an American political appeal for hundreds of years, and a strong one. Joe Biden made it again in a speech at Gettysburg in which he said “Too many Americans see our public life not as an arena for the mediation of our differences. Rather, they see it as an occasion for total, unrelenting partisan warfare. Instead of treating the other party as the opposition, we treat them as the enemy.”

Which party has been more partisan since Trump took office and before? Which party used the scurrilous Steele dossier for its relentless “partisan warfare” against Trump? Which party impeached Trump without having any sensible grounds for doing so? Which party used the FBI and investigations to attack the other without substantive grounds for doing so? Which party is primed not to concede the election? Which party is doing what it can to create fraudulent voting? Which party may tear the country apart for the sake of its victory? Which party has relentlessly defamed the president?

Which party has divided the American people by refusing to enforce law and order in city after city?

Which party counts on winning elections by dividing Americans along racial lines?

Which party cannot win without appeals to identity politics? Which party has become a party of anti-whiteness as a major appeal?

Trump could not even overcome an illness with stamina, courage and determination without its being turned into a political issue by members of what Biden would like to say is the “opposition”, but which actually is a body that has made war against Trump for 5 years now.

Meanwhile, it is Trump who has not appealed to racial divisions; and in the process he has been criticized for being the president of whites. And by appealing to Americans of ALL races, including whites. he has been painted falsely as a white supremacist. What party that is losing votes to Trump because some of its people have enjoyed an economic respite during his presidency, what party in that position has called Trump racist? What party looks upon race warfare as a benefit to its political ambitions?

The candidate promising division if his party wins is the candidate of the Democratic party, Joe Biden. The candidate promising totalitarian critical race theory brainwashing is Joe Biden. The candidate promising never-ending racial protests is Kamala Harris, Joe’s pick for V.P.

The candidate who is actually promising unity is the same candidate who has made it his business to do what he could domestically to undo the heavy-handed regulation of the past 50 years and create an environment of opportunity in which all sorts of people might get ahead. That candidate is Donald Trump.

Biden as a bona fide member of the Obama team is undeniably a man who promises to impose the heavy-handed stifling policies that the Obama-Biden administration supported, imposed and expanded. Biden can do nothing to unify Americans except to add to everyone’s burdens excepting those of his family and selected bigwigs who stand to benefit handsomely from the corruption his administration is sure to cover up and extend.

Unrelenting attacks on Trump, including finally getting tax return material into the open, have not uncovered even a whiff of scandal. There is absolutely nothing that compares with the multi-million dollar payoffs that Hunter Biden secured from Ukraine and China as his father visited and negotiated with them.

On top of it all, Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for doing something concrete in the Middle East. Obama supposedly won for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy. Trump may or may not win for actual diplomacy that brought about peace where none previously existed.


8:36 pm on October 6, 2020