I Become President of the U.S.

From: N
To: Walter Block
Subject: Re:

What if you never run, but everyone writes you in to be president?

Dear N: I get elected to be president of the US during slavery. I do nothing to stop it. I am responsible for it. I must end it. If I don’t do my best to end it, I’m a murderer. It is not a positive obligation. Rather, not ending slavery when I’m in charge of it is a violation of the NAP. Ditto for rent control. Nice try. You’re not president unless you agree to be president. There’s no compulsory draft for the presidency, as there is for the army. At least I don’t think so! However, if I somehow found myself as president of the US, I’d accept the job. I’d immediately hire Dr. Ron Paul to be my chief advisor, and I’d pretty much do whatever he suggested. But first, even before he mentioned it, I’d bring all the troops home. Immediately, if not sooner.


9:52 pm on September 12, 2017