Bass Pro Masking

Blind Masking inspired the following report from Anthony Powell:

Ah, the sissies making up [Bass Pro Shop’s] marketing department!    I killed a deer a week ago today, and, no, I wasn’t wearing a face diaper!   I can pretty much guarantee you no deer hunters in southeast Mississippi wear a mask  while hunting, or for the occasional trip to the grocery store.

On a ‘mask-related’ note:  our family was scheduled to go to Monroe LA this weekend for a homeschool basketball tournament.   Alas, we received word that the venue, the University of Louisiana – Monroe is requiring masks of all spectators at the two-day tournament.  We informed the coach yesterday we won’t be going, and we just cancelled the motel reservations.  I wish our group of homeschooling families would cancel en masse, but unfortunately, that is not happening.

Parents who diaper their children merely to attend an event recall those who continued to fly with their offspring when the TSA was groping little kids. You might think at least these craven guardians would have clocked the deviants molesting little Sally. Nope. The most any of them did was photograph the abuse and post it to social media. 

Which did nothing to ameliorate the trauma Mom had just forced her daughter to endure. 

Certainly, trips and tournaments make wonderful memories. But one memory Mr. and Mrs. Go-Along aren’t instilling is far more important: that they took a consistent and unwavering stand for righteous principles. 

Contrast that with the Powells, and thank God for such Patriots! 

Meanwhile, James S. recounts, 

Sometime I think later in 2020, shortly after a new more restrictive mask edict had been imposed by our (Rethuglican) governor, I visited my local [Bass Pro Shop].  Unmasked, of course.  They had posted some unfortunate hourly workers at the entrance to remind everyone of the mask thing.  As I ignored them & breezed right past I overheard one of them turn to the other and whine “They’re not listening to us!”  Indeed, there were a fair number of other customers in the store, unmasked like myself, and I saw an older customer adjust his mask downward below his nose when I walked past.

Today almost no one, even the employees, wears a face diaper in that store.  I still can’t find any .30-30 there, but that’s a separate issue.

On masking while hunting…Some people do, mainly if they go for turkeys, especially if they don’t want to apply camo face paint “makeup.”  This is because turkeys have incredibly good eyesight, incredibly good color vision, and spook easily.  

Who knew?

But you need something to cover your entire face for that, and it’s not the same thing or for the same reason.  Some of them fit rather loosely.  But I’ll guarantee you that part of the reason these guys like to go into the woods is to get away from all the crap for a while, and the whole corona thing provides yet another thing to escape from.  Dressing game is not for the squeamish.

Sounds as if it’s good practice for the upcoming Revolution. 


5:14 pm on January 20, 2022