Bashing Obama Again

Continuing my review of Obama’s platform–his vaunted rhetoric is phony and shallow.

He talks of the need for “clear, consistent principles” but those are hard to find elucidated in his speech. I mean, I know what they are. They are stock big government liberalism: the solution to all problems (except for Iraq) is more federal government power and more federal government spending and less individual freedom because they be smart and we be dumb.

But why doesn’t this courageous politician just say that?

His talk about how his brand of “leadership” will “bring the country together” is particularly annoying. How does the failed liberal bag of tricks promise to bring us together when at least half of the country is sick to death of such nonsense? Those ideas and policies have been failing for about one hundred years now. This guy is stuck in the 1960’s, the blind and naive faith of the Great Society years. He is not the voice of the future but the voice of the failed past that we want to move beyond.

And I did I mention his extremely thin résumé?

A great speaker though, give him that.

Pencil in Hillary. As I said many moons ago–Ron and Hillary on the debate stage together–a real mind blower.


7:02 am on November 24, 2007

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