Barack Obama, Fearless Vampire Hunter

Escalating new Cold War tensions driving relentlessly towards actual war and nuclear confrontation, Barack Obama foolishly plunges a stake in the eye of Vladimir Putin. It is though this buffoon and his National Security staff have been watching Roman Polanski’s horror epic spoof, The Fearless Vampire Hunters, starring Polanski and his future wife Sharon Tate (before the Manson murders) and using its plotline as the template for foreign policy directed towards Putin.

(Note to Obama: Vlad the Impaler was from Transylvania; Vladimir Putin is from Russia).  

Have these sociopathic amnesiacs learned nothing in the hundred years since the outbreak of World War I? One earnestly prays that the millions of dead slaughtered in needless criminal conflicts since August of 1914 would rise up en masse (as in the powerful Abel Gance 1919 film J’accuse), exacting their vengeance upon these madmen plunging the world into Armageddon and total destruction.



11:48 pm on August 3, 2014