Ayn Rand was a “Thick Libertarian!”; “She was a Thickster!” says Walter Block

Walter Block talks about the two books he requires his introductory students to read and he explains why he chose these two specific books. He also speaks about what part of Atlas Shrugged he likes least. The then minarchist, Block was “ganged up” against two stout Rothbardians convincing him finally to meet Murray Rothbard. Block says he refused initially to meet with Rothbard when the offer was first presented to him because Murray was an anarchist! Dr. Block said that when he first met the great Murray Rothbard he “pulled a Hazlitt” on him. Listen to Dr. Block go into detail on this in this great Liberty.me interview.

To read more about Block’s critique on the “thick libertarians” go to the link below:
Libertarianism is unique; it belongs neither to the right nor the left: a critique of the views of Long, Holcombe, and Baden on the left, Hoppe, Feser and Paul on the right Link:

by Luis Rivera III
Walter Block on liberty.me


10:59 am on May 29, 2014