Atlanta Shutdown by Snow – Normal People to the Rescue

Atlanta is pretty much shut down due to 1-2″ of snowfall in a city that gets a dusting every 5 years. The snow has rapidly turned to ice in a city where not 1 car in 1,000 has snow chains. People are stuck in cars all over the city as traffic is snarled. Folks are out of gas, cars are wrecked and going no where. Kids are stuck at schools with no way to get home.

In all of this, people and businesses are spontaneously organizing –  going out and bringing food to those stuck in cars,  shuttling people in 4-wheel drives and even inviting them to stay in their homes. The reliably pro-government Atlanta Journal Commiestitution is part of the solution for once, publishing useful information. Atlanta’s hometown home improvement warehouse, The Home Depot, is keeping stores open to provide makeshift shelter to those stranded nearby.

People helping people – no central plan needed, no emergency city war-room, no mayor dispatching people with walkie talkies – just ordinary folks helping those around them in obvious need. Friends for life are being made tonight. Count on it.


10:16 pm on January 28, 2014