Assimilation, American Style

For those who fret that newcomers don’t assimilate to American culture (I know, I know: between margarine, McDonald’s, divorce, promiscuity, Hollywood, and spandex, who wouldn’t eagerly shake off the old ways in favor of ours?), here’s an immigrant who’s adjusted with a passion. TK not only sent me the link but summarized the story as well:

1. Mexican “immigrant” comes to Minneapolis; starts pinata business.
2. Mexican “immigrant” creates pinata figures for “multiracial” wedding and hangs them to dry on his front porch.
3. Outrage is then “sparked” by passersby, who claim it’s <gasp!> racial violence.
4. He calls cops and asks for extra patrols because he fears backlash.
5. Sputters profuse apology for his ignorance and lack of sensitivity to “the community.”

No. 5 is particularly tragic. The report’s headline reads, “Minneapolis piñata maker apologizes after misperception of racism,” i.e., the guy was completely innocent of the charges “passerbsby” lodged against him, yet he still groveled as he begged pardon.

Is the Amerikan train barreling past yet another of totalitarianism’s terminals, “Show Trials With Abject Apologies From Those Who’ve Done NOTHING Wrong”?



11:23 am on May 9, 2018