As If One Parson Goat Isn’t Evil Enough, Here’s a Herd of ‘Em

Sixty-one pastors at Grand Rapids-area churches have agreed to halt large gatherings, including worship services and weddings, as the surge in coronavirus cases overwhelms healthcare workers and hospitals.

The churches will hold online services.

 “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us sit on the sofa and live-stream.’”

Pastors have been moved by the pleas of front-line healthcare workers, as well as the ongoing suffering and loss of life of Kent County residents as a result of this virus,” the Rev. Khary Bridgewater of Urban Life Church Leadership Center said in a statement.

How damning that they aren’t “moved” by direct Biblical commands not to forsake assembling ourselves together. Meanwhile, aren’t times of “ongoing suffering and loss of life” precisely when churches should not only be open but holding revivals?

Our physicians and nurses are risking their lives, working double shifts, suffering through physical, mental, and emotional hardship to care for patients. We want to give them a fighting chance.”

Your Saviour did more than risk His life: He laid it down, after years of working around the clock rather than mere double shifts and suffering such physical, mental and emotional hardship that He sweated drops of blood. But good that you’re more concerned with His creatures than with Him.

There’s a roll of infamy in the article if you’d like to read the names of all 61 apostates and their churches. I was too busy barfing to do so.

Thanks to Mark Oomkes for helping me keep tabs on the Goats.


11:57 am on November 23, 2020