Armed Thug Throws a Hissy Fit When He’s Asked To Follow the Law

I guess this armed thug (aka “peace” officer) was shocked that someone would have the “audacity” to ask him to follow the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (The driver was stopped for speeding. The armed thug actually waived the speeding ticket for him. Perhaps the armed thug didn’t expect such ingratitude from the driver when asked if he could search the driver’s car.)

[NB: Some seriously-foul language from the potty mouth of the armed thug]

[Thanks to Farhad Kazemi]

UPDATE: Some people have written to inform me that this is a prank done by the police. Why did the police waste taxpayer money (they are obviously using a police care) to create this prank? Are they making fun of people who demand their Fourth Amendment rights? Now I’m not sure which is worse: the initial impression that this really happened or that the police think it is humorous that people expect the police to follow and respect the law of the land.


11:08 pm on December 20, 2012