Armed American in Mariupol (Ukraine)

“Out of my face, please” he says twice when approached by a reporter. See the video here. The odds that this armed man in camouflage clothes with other fighting accouterments is a Ukrainian, who when addressed in Ukrainian answers in perfect idiomatic English, are a million or more to one. There’s a chance he could be an American of Ukrainian descent who has taken up arms on his own.

ADDITION: The person is English-speaking, and that does not rule out having a different national origin. One listener hears an accent that could be British or Australian. Another listener thinks the man has a New York accent. But let’s add one or two other considerations. He answers in English, automatically. This man is at the site of the bombardment and he does not want to be questioned or seen. He is also one of three such men hastening away. Why are they there? Why armed? My theory is that being armed and camouflaged, this man looks like local Ukrainian soldiers or this man is mingling with Ukrainian soldiers, or that all three are English-speaking; and that he is there to gather intelligence.

When it comes to war’s hostilities, all bets are off as to clear information. But this video speaks volumes. Even before this evidence of American participation, we knew that Americans paid by the U.S. government were (badly) advising the Ukrainian brute force assaults that failed last year. CIA, special forces, paid contractors — no one knows for sure.

(Thanks to David Krall for the zerohedge item)


11:16 am on January 25, 2015