Are Parents Responsible For The Evil Done By Their (Adult) Children? No.

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Watching your video re: Blockian Proviso…. the debate video.

Instead of “Positive Obligations” why don’t you say, the parties involved in the sex that led to pregnancy, have “ASSUMED THE RISK” such that, they are required to handle all outcomes of their sex with the least force necessary to harm all parties.  To wit, they will not cry Rape if they simply regret the sex in the morning, and if she gets pregnant, even if she was on the pill, even if he used a condom, yes the risk was say less than 5% but it is still a risk.

Anyone who buys property between two other property lots, say an empty green space, for the purpose of building a house, ASSUMES THE RISK of the building of the house not to damage the property of neighbors on each side.  In other words, you could just buy the land- (have sex) but if you build the house (make a baby) you must take care of it, and not hurt your neighbors or their property in the building of your house.  In general, we are responsible to raise our kids not to harm our fellow man.

The Assumption of Risk is a very old concept.  If you want everything for free, and you do not want responsibility for your own actions- that is not how things (are supposed to) work.

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Dear M:

Hitler’s parents are not responsible for what he did.

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2:19 am on March 21, 2019