Are NFL Owners Stupid When it Comes to Making Money?

Do these billionaires not care about making money?  Do they not care about winning games and superbowls?  Are they all racists? Are there no retired black NFL players who are capable of coaching at a high level?  Affirmative answers to these questions are the assumptions behind the NFL bureaucracy’s latest proposal to introduce affirmative action in the League by allowing teams to jump up ten spots in the next draft if they hire more black coaches.

Professional sports used to be the last refuge of merit in American society.  As far as the players are concerned, it still is.  But the organization is doing everything it can to destroy it by pandering to the cultural Marxists who control so many levers in society.

Marvin Lewis, who was the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals for sixteen years after being the defensive coach for the Baltimore Ravens when they won their first superbowl, called the proposal “offensive” and patronizing, which it certainly was.  And stupid.  It assumes that the owners, who employ more than 70% black players, are so racist and so unconcerned about winning and making money that they would not hire a black Bill Belichick, the famed New England Patriots coach, knowing that it may be the key to winning the next superbowl.


11:47 am on May 23, 2020