Arab Spring and Other Bedtime Stories

Remember how we were told that Arab Spring was a real “awakening” in places like Egypt, where the governments would no longer simply be lapdogs of the US and local enforcers of US foreign policy?

Remember how we weren’t supposed to notice all the training and assistance given these new more independent voices by our own State Department and its various proxies? And those of us who couldn’t help noticing were called kooks?

Are we still not supposed to notice how these new “independent” governments who were no longer US lackeys have magically all lined up behind US foreign policy in the Middle East?

Like this?

“Egypt’s Islamist president says he is cutting off diplomatic relations with Syria and has ordered that Damascus Embassy in Cairo to be closed.

“Mohammed Morsi told thousands of supporters in a rally held on Saturday that his government is also withdrawing the Egyptian charge d’affaires from Damascus.

“Morsi also called on Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group to leave Syria, where the Iranian-backed Shiite group has been fighting alongside troops loyal to embattled President Bashar Assad against the mostly Sunni rebels.”

And, on the very day President Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes (an early supporter of the Egyptian “Arab Spring”) announces the administration’s decision to flood Syria with new weapons for the Islamist insurgents, this?

“A senior official in Egypt’s presidency said Thursday that Egyptians are free to join the fight in Syria and will not be prosecuted upon return amid increasingly public calls by leading clerics for Sunni Muslims to back the rebels there with firepower.”

Just when they need new bodies to shoot all those new guns!

It’s funny how these things always seem to work out.

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2:31 pm on June 15, 2013