AOC Majored in Economics and Won Prestigious Awards

Letter 1

From: Kenneth Harwood

Subject: AOC

You wrote:

“This is somewhat surprising, given that she majored in economics at prestigious Boston University.”

AOC-watching is not my thing, though I’ve read her wiki bio.

As I recall, the bio revealed that she had once been a top finalist in a prestigious, nationwide, high school [Westinghouse, now Intel?] science competition. It also mentioned her economics education.

Sorry, but I think those distinctions are a complete load of bs.

– KH

Letter 2

On May 18, 2020, at 11:56 AM, Walter Block <> wrote:

Dear Ken:

I agree. Probably, she got those awards thru affirmative action.

Best regards,


Letter 3

From: Kenneth Harwood

Subject: Re: AOC


I mean someone (a political handler?) simply conjured it up, and attached it to her CV, in order to make her look good, and she’s too dumb or lazy to correct it.

Why haven’t we seen or heard from any of her contemporaneous  science prodigies, or her fellow BU economics contacts,  touting her brilliance?

I’m reminded of how nobody ever remembers seeing Obama at Columbia (nor his mom at the HI maternity ward).

I’m a skeptic, not a conspiracy nut.

Letter 4

Dear Ken:

You might well be right. Anyone correcting her record, of course, would be a racist and a sexist.

Best regards,



2:20 am on July 11, 2020