Another member of “the world’s finest deliberative body”

is now a convicted felon. It’s fun to watch this pathetic old man shake with rage as he’s inconvenienced by being found guilty of numerous counts of what is essentially fraud.

I have no opinion as to whether Ted Stevens is actually guilty of these particular crimes or not, but I did find this to be interesting:

“I am innocent,” the Alaska Republican said in a statement that indicated he will appeal. “This verdict is the result of the unconscionable manner in which the Justice Department lawyers conducted this trial.”

I wonder if Stevens has ever cared the tiniest bit about the way that Justice Department lawyers treat people until now. Now that he’s the victim, suddenly he fancies himself some kind of underdog hero.

Of course, at the absolute worst (for him) he might be put on probation for a while as he retires to his mansions and is treated like a god by the Alaska GOP at lavish fundraisers and party functions.


7:12 pm on October 27, 2008