Another Mass Shooting at Another “Gun-Free Zone” in Another Government School

This time in Parkland, Florida.  In less than two hours the TV “news” was filled with interviews with screaming parents demanding “gun control,” totally oblivious to the plain fact that the school was as gun controlled as anywhere, with guns banned completely. Since no one in the school was armed, everyone there had no choice but to run, hide, or get shot.  The same media will broadcast the views of teachers’ union stooges warning of the “dangers” of home schooling.

As usual, now that the shooting is over the shooter has been arrested, and there are several deaths and dozens of injuries, the government police are “swarming the building” pretending to look for other perpetrators and make themselves look relevant.

I guess they forgot to tell the shooter that the school was a gun-free zone. Or, since he reportedly attended school there, he couldn’t read the signs.  Call 911 and die.


5:26 pm on February 14, 2018