Another Lesson from Nazi Germany

Responding to Are We At Church or the Airport?, a friend astutely wrote, 

In Germany, after WWII, many felt that, if following the dictates of the Third Reich were the kind of moral advice they could expect from their church, they would be better off on their own, and thus were lost from the congregations.  But the churches didn’t worry–no separation of church and state means that the state acts as the tax collector, so they didn’t lose any money, just the bothersome human beings.  (It amazes me that people in the USA don’t seem to understand what “the separation of church and state” actually means, and that it has nothing to do with Christmas trees on town squares….)

Indeed. But then Americans understand almost nothing about freedom. They insist their country is a democracy rather than a constitutional republic; they believe that “free speech” is an absolute rather than a restriction on governmental censorship; nor do they object that colleges and universities are on the dole (thanks, I think, to Felix Bronstein for sending me that disheartening report).


11:47 am on May 26, 2020