Another Laugh — Again, at the Nuts’ Expense

Like you, I remain astonished that the Second Amendment’s enemies have any credibility at all. Has the world ever seen sillier hysteria or more craven cowards than they? Back when Americans were freer and consequently more sensible, they would have ridiculed these idiots into shamed silence. Now they elect them to office and cheer their editorials in newspapers.

Last week we guffawed lest we cry over the story of a kindergartner, terrorized by the bullies running her school (need I add that it’s one of the government’s?) because she was playing with a toy gun that shoots bubbles. Today a friend sends this competitor for “Most Asinine Frenzy Ever” — and I believe we have a winner here. This time, there was no gun, loaded with bubbles or otherwise, anywhere at “PS 4, on Fulton Avenue and East 174th Street” in Da Bronx, New York. No, a 12-year-old boy merely mentioned “his toy Nerf gun, which he left at home” to a “classmate.” Alas, a snitch, which the report dignifies as a “campus aide,” overheard this innocent chatter and duly ratted out our pint-sized gunslinger.

The usual nonsense ensued: cops “locked down” the place while parents panicked (ahem: why have you entrusted your children to Leviathan when you should be teaching them yourselves?): said one mother, “There are police officers here with assault rifles and there are helicopters flying around. It’s really scary out here,” while another added, “When I got to the school, it was crazy … People were yelling and running around.” Yep, count on the NYPD to gin up utter, shocking madness over nothing.

Thank you, Leviathan. Once again, you leave us absolutely convulsed with laughter!


9:34 am on January 30, 2013