Another FIB Miracle

The Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) has miraculously located the miniscule piece of metal including the VIN number from that RV that blew up in Nashville causing what looks like a missile attack in the neighborhood with mountains of rubble.  A miracle!  They then quickly determined that the perpetrator was yet another lone nut in a long, long list of FIB-discovered lone nuts, who perished in the blast.  Although there are cameras everywhere — probably hundreds — on that very busy, bar-and-restaurant-filled street, none of them caught a picture of the man driving the RV and then sitting in it for about six hours before the bomb went off.  The one picture of the RV being driven into town that has been in the news has the driver’s face fuzzed out, unfortunately.  Probably a piece of lint on the camera lens.  The fact that it only took the FIB about a day and a half to close the case makes it even more miraculous.

Here are two before and after photos courtesy of Fred P.:


9:51 am on December 28, 2020