Another Example of How Educational Stalinists Censor and Destroy Independent Thought and Enforce the Endless Repetition of Mindless Cultural Marxist Platitudes Instead

A man who changed careers to pursue his love of teaching mathematics to high school students has learned all about the Stalinist takeover of “education” in America.  While teaching at Grace Church High School in Manhattan he attended a meeting where he objected to the administration’s demand that the faculty treat all students differently according to their skin color (“critical race theory”).  He said he preferred to treat all students equally according to their accomplishments in his classroom.

For this he was condemned by the school administration as causing “harm to students” and being an enemy of “the greater good and higher truth” (aka, Marxism).  All school administrators were ordered to read a public reprimand and shaming of the man to every student.  For starters.  Only a child abuser or a communist (or both) would send his child to Grace Church High School in Manhattan.  (Thanks to Steve B.).


5:13 pm on April 19, 2021

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