Another Casualty of the Massive Vote Fraud?

My old grad school professor and one-time George Mason University colleague James M. Buchanan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science for his role (with co-author Gordon Tullock, who was abusively shunned by the Nobel committee) in founding the “public choice” school of economics.  Applying the theories and methodology of economics, and based on methodological individualism, myriad voting models have been devised to explain and sometimes predict electoral outcomes.  One of the earliest was the “median voter model,” first put forth by political scientist Anthony Downs.  Applying the economic idea of competititon to the political phenomenon of presidential elections, the model starts with a bell-shaped curve representing the distribution of votes according to Left-Right ideology:  totalitarian communists on the left tail; anarchists on the right tail of the distribution, and most voters in the middle or median.  The victor would be whoever positioned himself closest to the median voter, which is where most of the votes are.

There have been hundreds of variants of the model in the economics and political science literature, covering more than one candidate, different kinds of elections, different electoral rules, ad infinitum.  The crucial assumption behind all of this is that votes are actual true votes based on the beliefs of the voters.  The type of massive vote fraud that has taken place in the November election, it seems to me, threatens to throw all of this down the toilet.  If the Demo-Bolsheviks get away with it, they will do the same — on an even larger scale — in every future election.  Tyrants around the world will follow suit, with their kept media whores providing the cover with their never-ending “there was no vote fraud” lies.  It made no sense to study elections in the Soviet Union since the system was always rigged and “elections” were only propaganda tools designed to dupe naive and ignorant Amerian liberals and especially the New York Times.  If the Demo-Bolsheviks get away with this great criminal conspiracy the U.S. will turn into the Soviet Union as far as government and governing is concerned.


8:37 am on November 28, 2020