And Still More Tears

Regarding The Ad That Reduces Grown Men to Tears, Mr. Anonymous writes,

I am a grown man, and I am always reduced to tears by that story.

These were just poor boys being coerced or propagandized to fight one another for the enrichment of politicians and rich men. Outside of them being stationed in opposing trenches, they could have just has easily been friends.

I don’t weep because of how touching the story is, but because of how these boys and men had been convinced that they were killing each other for some greater cause, when they’re just pawns in a rich man’s chess game. And we still haven’t learned that lesson apparently.

It’s disgusting that we are still buying the patriotic tripe being fed to us by our overlords. I have made every attempt to convince those in my sphere of influence that joining the military is tantamount to being complicit to murder. Unfortunately some young men I know have still found the beckoning irresistible. My nephew found out soon after enlisting in the Marine Corps that he had been lied to. Unfortunately he had to endure four years of misery before he fulfilled his commitment.

His message to anyone considering  joining up: Don’t do it!!!

Isn’t it telling that “enlisting” is irrevocable? Mr. Nephew wasn’t free to walk away after discovering that martial life wasn’t for him, as he could have from any other employer if the work didn’t suit. Of course, the armed forces will argue that they can’t waste all that time and energy training a guy only for him to quit.

But every job involves some training, many of them far more than the military.


11:32 am on December 17, 2020