Anarchteacher Returns To LRC

Since September 18 of last year when I unexpectedly fell backwards while installing a Kennedy24 yard sign, I broke my right ankle in three places, I was confined to two physical therapy treatment facilities, and I have been out of the active loop as a LRC content contributor in articles or blogs. I returned home in early January 2024. Recently I had my final appointment with the head of the surgical team which treated my initial injury. Everything is now going great, and I am progressing well in returning to normality and functional independence.

The biggest life lesson I learned was how virtually everyone involved with my care and treatment – from doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides, physical and occupational therapists, to the cafeteria staff and wonderful cleaning crew who kept my room in spotless order – could be characterized by two outstanding attributes – efficiency or effectiveness. Their dedication to compassionate care, focused determination to their chosen calling, and top-flight professionalism was something I had not encountered previously as such a universal phenomenon.  I was surely blest and in excellent capable hands during this experience.

I have a new email. address where I can be contacted: [email protected]


10:08 am on April 2, 2024