• Analysis

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    Writes Jay Roberts: “This is stellar result. Yeah, I know some were hoping second or third, I suppose we should always aim high. He is a real candidate now. Not a kook, not a fringe, not a tin hat. He got almost 10%. He’s also not a shoo-in, but he clearly has the most dedicated supporters. This all of a sudden has got a lot more interesting.”

    Adds Paul Anderson: “Based on these results, I don’t expect anybody but Cox to bail out. Ron Paul placed 5th, despite (ahem) problems with the machine, and everyone below him except Cox & Hunter are annointed ‘Top Tier’ who didn’t participate. I’ve seen too much good press for Hunter to expect him to bail, and nobody else has any reason to at this point. Which is great for Ron Paul and a primary split.”

    Says Gene Trosper: “Instead of being disappointed in the Iowa Straw Poll results, Ron Paul supporters should be heartened that their candidate did relatively well in his first real “on the ground” test. So many naysayers had predicted a very low placement of Ron Paul, they now need to eat a bit of humble pie. The best news or Ron Paul’s campaign in Iowa is that they now have a baseline by which they can study what went right and what went wrong. It affords them the opportunity to fine tune and come back even stronger.”


    8:42 pm on August 11, 2007