An Entrepreneur Advises His Fellows, “Free Your Staff To Meet The Customer’s Needs And Not The Dictates of Some Pinhead Bureaucrat or Politician”

Ryan savors your service in the Mask Wars. And so he 

thought you might want to hear about “masking” from the business-owner side. 

I own a well-known local business that generates substantial customer traffic. Through all this silliness, we have never closed, never changed our normal operations.

Hear, hear!

My business partner did initially post the signs about “social distancing” (what a stupid term; I despise this description)

Love this guy!

and put the Wiley Coyote marks on the floor close to our checkouts. I simply took them down and peeled up the floor marks. 

How sensible! Why do so few serfs follow Ryan’s lead?

We don’t order our customers around, in fact it is the opposite; they order us around. 

Join me in a standing O!

We don’t have signs at our door demanding masks. We don’t have signs demanding “social distancing.” We don’t tell our staff they have to wear a mask. We don’t do anything that makes shopping in our business anything other than as pleasant an experience as we can possibly make it.

Are you listening, entrepreneurs?

Contrast that with most businesses, locally-owned or otherwise, who seem to work to make things as unpleasant as they can. My wife hardly goes out anymore because her shopping and restaurant experiences are so stressful, disagreeable, and obnoxious. …

Yep, that’s my story, too. And when I must shop because the larder is as empty as my stomach, I no longer browse nor explore new products; I grab milk and eggs and vamoose. How much money has COVIDCon cost grocers alone, not to mention all the other emporia we completely avoid now?

I am somewhat disheartened that a majority of our customers do wear a mask, but we do make it clear it is their decision and not because of our demands or the orders of some wanna-be elected dictator. I have approached customers to ask if they needed help and if they didn’t have a mask on, their first reaction was often, “Oh, do I need a mask”? I immediately respond that, “No, this is America and you make your own decisions.”

WHOA!!!! How few serfs understand this indispensable concept, even among patriots!

For those business owners and managers, I would offer this message.

Listen up, guys and gals:

Stop it…just stop it. Take down the signs, take up the floor marks, free your staff to meet the customer’s needs and not the dictates of some pinhead bureaucrat or politician. Just stop. Don’t make a big deal about it, don’t publicize it…just stop doing it. It’s affecting your business in a negative way, it is making it harder than it already is to turn a profit. Stop doing things that make it harder for you and your customers at the behest of some peawit bureaucrat who is suddenly full of himself.

Society, in the form of churches, schools (private ones, completely free from Leviathan’s interference), families, and the marketplace, provides a bulwark against government’s compulsion, cruelty and corruption. No wonder, then, that politicians and bureaucrats ceaselessly attack and often conquer these our defenses. Education fell long ago; Family Court, “Child Protective Services,” welfare, easy divorce, and other tactics have compromised the family; now Parson Goat has surrendered the Church. Yet the marketplace still struggles valiantly despite the enemy’s smothering regulations.

Thank God for heroes such as Ryan as he rallies the troops holding the hill in this final assault.


10:49 am on October 6, 2020

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