An Embodiment of the State

Good news: The Governor–who might as well be called The Government–will appear in season 4 of The Walking Dead. He’s a great villain. Of course, the biters play the role of government, too.

UPDATE from Anthony Ajamian:

Your timing is uncanny, and unfortunately I missed the season finale. Over the weekend I was talking to some friends about the Governor and the Woodbury settlement in particular, and how he seems to embody all of the great evils the state seems capable of:

– torture
– group think (us vs them)
–  a cruel and bizzare prison system
– seizing supplies (guns!) for official use
– special police for abduction and interrogation
– turning average, peaceful people against each other
– creating the utopia illusion

I wonder how much of this was intended to be interpreted this way.


11:41 am on April 1, 2013