An Austrian Analysis of Charitable Giving

From: Darren Jimenez

Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2020 3:53 PM


Subject: Charity in Austrian Economics

Hello Professor Block,

My name is Darren , I was on the Voluntaryist Haven livestream watching you speak and mentioned something about how to email you to ask about how the Austrians explain charitable giving.

Thank You

Dear Darren:

Here’s a biblio on that subject:

Buchanan, James. 1983. “Rent Seeking, Non compensated Transfers, and Laws of Succession,” Journal of Law and Economics, April: 71-85. Volume 26, Issue 1;

(100% tax)

Giving pledge:

feh. These billionaires were, many of them, good at earning money; they produced, in order to do so. But, they are idiots when it comes to charity. Like Bill Gates’ interview in McLeans, on public education

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Best regards,



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