American Un-Exceptionalism: the Pumpkin Spice Episode

From the “Ya-Can’t-Make-This-Sh**-Up” file.

This is how collective hysteria has taken over the mind-enslaved subjects who long ago turned over their freedom in exchange for so-called safety. The masses of mindless drones mentally checked out long ago, putting their well-being in the hands of governments, bureaucratic outposts, and “experts.” The good little citizens have been obedient to the teachings of their superiors.

This entire school freaked out because someone pointed out that “something smelled weird.” Several people swore they were made ill by this dangerous aroma, and thus were taken to the hospital. The school was evacuated. The culprit?

As it turned out, the strange odor was coming from a common seasonal source: It was “this plug-in air freshener that basically puts out the odor every so many seconds, and it’s pumpkin spice,” Baltimore Fire Chief Roman Clark told NBC affiliate WBAL.

In my time (and I am not that old), this would have garnered nothing more than a few cuss words about a bad odor, and a “yea, whatever,” and teachers and kids would have moved on with their day, dealing with the “strange smell.” It even made Time magazine, with this story. To quote the Time article: “Classes will resume tomorrow, Friday, October 6, 2017,” the school’s statement added. “Mrs. Sylvia Doud, our School Counselor, will be available to meet with any students that may need to talk about today’s events. I would like to thank our faculty and students for their patience and leadership.”

I kid you not. Let’s send out a legion of psychobabblers to coddle people over over this oh-I’m-so-affected traumatic event. How do people look at these things and *not* get it?


8:10 am on October 8, 2017