Almost Enough to Make You Close Your Overpriced Offices, Huh, India?

Two of the most important nerve-centres of Indian diplomacy outside the country — the Permanent Mission of India at the United Nations and the embassy in Washington, DC — were targets of such sophisticated bugs implanted by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that entire computer hard disks might have been copied by the American agency. The U.N. Mission building in New York and the embassy premises, including its annex, in Washington were on a top-secret list of countries and missions — many of them European allies of the U.S. — chosen for intensive spying.”

I’m sure India’s hundreds of millions of impoverished serfs would welcome the closure of each office. And Lord knows, “the office of India’s permanent representative to the UN[,]…[d]esigned by the legendary Indian architect, Charles Correa, … with a red granite base and a double-height penthouse porch at the top,” “located between 2nd and 3rd Avenue on 43rd Street in the eastern part of Manhattan,” would convert to spacious condominiums.


12:51 pm on September 25, 2013